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RG6/U Coaxial Cable - PVC, SOlO

Meets the standard impedance of 75 Ωs and is UL listed

Higher quality 75 Ω coaxial cable that is a higher grade cable than RG59

Higher-capacity center conductor (18 AWG) and a larger insulating dielectric

CableOrganizer.com's RG6/U coaxial cable is used to route cable television signals to and within homes,and RG6 cables have become the standard for CATV cable television and other RF applications like antennas and satellite installations. RG6/U type cables have lower attenuation characteristics than RG59 cable and therefore are suitable for transmission applications of about 1000 to 1500 feet. This quality RG6/U coaxial cable is designed to an 18 AWG copper clad steel center, 100% aluminum foil, and greater than 60% aluminum braid.

Likely the most familiar RG grade coaxial cable is RG6 or RG6/U (U stands for Utility). It is the ideal choice for home and commercial applications for carrying audio/video transmission such as TV or CCTV. RG6 cables are versatile and very flexible and the thinner construction is also more cost effective than many other alternatives. RG6 is good for most applications although for more rigorous, high-end frequency or long distance connections there may be a loss of signal quality. RG11 cables are better for long runs and higher frequencies but are more rigid (difficult to use around bends) and ultimately more expensive. RG6 cables have characteristic 18 AWG conductor and 75 Ohm impedance but come in various construction designs.

More Information
AWG  18
Stranding Solid, BCW
RG/U 6/U
RF Connectors F Connectors 75 ohm
Material  Foam PE 
DVB-T / T2 _ DVB-S / S2 & yes
Shield / Coverage AL/Mylar Foil 100%, AL Braid 40%
Jacket Dia PVC 0.270
Nom. Imped 75
Voltage Rating 300
100% bonded Aluminum foil >60% Aluminum braid 
UV resistant for outdoor or indoor use >     75 Ω impedance
lsolation SAT to TERR >     30 dB
lsolation TERR to SAT >     24 dB
lsolation H/V  >     35 dB
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